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PSBill offers a comprehensive array of payment processing services. Merchants who accept a variety of payments types – including credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks -- enjoy greater sales than those who do not. Accepting multiple payment options encourages buying, stimulates impulse purchases, and helps grow your business. Non-cash purchase payments are an important option for both traditional and Internet businesses.

The most commonly-owned payment method is, the global-brand credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). If you are selling to consumers, accepting credit cards will allow you to expand your customer base and provide a more convenient method of payment than cash or checks. And if you are interested in selling over the Internet, accepting credit cards is a must. Credit card accounts are held by most consumers and businesses, and for many, are the preferred method of payment due to loyalty programs, lines of credit, and/or expense tracking.

Whether you are a new or well-established merchant, PSBill can provide efficient, secure, and attractively-priced credit card processing for physical and virtual payments. With PSBill’s multiple banking relationships, we can help new merchants establish their own account, and even process some merchant payments through other established accounts.

PSBill has a solid history in the Electronic Commerce arena. Our robust infrastructure for card-based payments enables us to offer the following credit card services:

Processing for MasterCard, VISA and American Express (the core global brands)
Processing for core regional brands around the world
Acceptance at physical, mail-order, telephone-order, and Internet transactions
Secure transactions employing global standards for physical and non-face-to-face transactions
Fraud controls, including address verification, account number validation, and CVV/CVC validation
Privacy policy for the payor (we do not sell the payor’s information)

PSBill can handle all types of businesses and all transaction sizes. We specialize in:

High-volume of transactions
Multiple currencies
Categories considered “high risk” in the credit card arena
Recurring as well as one-time payments

With our turnkey solutions, PSBill enables all types of merchants to accept credit cards. To speak with a representative about your needs and interests, please click here.

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