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Are you looking for a less expensive mobile interface?

PSBill's payment gateway solution allows one simple interface for your website, and for offline retail transactions at your store or on the go. We offer a robust easy to use app in the ITunes or Google Play store. Rates are significantly cheaper through the psbill service then from competitors like Square, Paypal and Intuit. Plus unliike Square, Paypal or Intuit we also allow high risk merchants such as tobacco & smoke shops, collections, adult entertainment, travel companies and any high risk business types. So if you have been denied or shutoff by square, paypal, or intuit and are looking for a better alternative, thats where we provide the cheapest and best alternatives for your business.

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Mobile Swiping Features

Free App supporting the Apple and Android devices
Geotaging the Location on the receipts
Send Receipts through SMS or Email
Digital Signature Capturing + Tipping Features
Issue Partial or Full Refunds through Transaction History
Fully Encrypted Credit Card Processing
Key in or Swipe Transaction
Month to Month no Contracts
Transaction Rates start at 1.79% for Swipe Retailers
Lower fees then competitor services
Small Business Friendly Service
All High Risk Merchants Accepted (Rates are 2.39-5%)
Better then Paypal, Square, Intuit
Works with Apple iPhone & iPads
Droid Compatible Samsung, HTC, LG devices

Us Vs The Alternatives

Fees & FeaturesCompetitorsUS
Swiped Transaction Rates2.70-3.5%Start at 1.79%
"Keyed in" Rates3.50% and upStart at 2.39%
Works on All DevicesYesYes
Cancellation FeesNoNo
High Risk Business Merchant AllowedNoYes
Large Ticket Transactions OKNoYes

Please note the above is a basic feature comparison. We accept all merchant types and transaction fees and rates vary on a merchant/business type basis.

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