Credit card fraud and chargeback fees can have a crippling effect on any online business. Unfortunately, as credit and banking laws stand, it is you, the merchant, who must bear their financial burden.

Managing these pervasive e-commerce risks can be made easier by choosing the right processor, one that understands risk and has in-house tools to keep fraudulent transactions at a minimum.

PSBill is that company.

Our years of processing secure, online transactions has keyed the development of FraudWatch, a proprietary product aimed at reducing the risk of fraud to the most minimal level possible.

PSBill’s FraudWatch makes transactions more secure by calculating a fraud score against each card payment, helping identify risk and prevent costly chargebacks.

FraudWatch combines accurate geo-location metrics (identifying the geographic location of individual consumers and card issuers) with a system of checks for known fraud risks.

FraudWatch supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode (known collectively as 3D Secure), the industry's Internet authentication standard. Originally developed by Visa, 3D Secure authenticates cardholders by password during purchase, resulting in the substantial reduction of fraud risk and chargeback incidents.

FraudWatch Highlights:

Metrics assessed in real time to identify fraud and chargeback risk
Support for 3D secure, address verification (AVS) and card security codes (CVV2,CVC2)
Blacklisting and white-listing of cards and IP addresses
Block countries by location of payment request or origin of card
Block transactions using credit card negative databases
Dedicated team to check suspicious transactions and conduct risk analysis
Comprehensive known fraudsters database
Limits maximum number of transaction attempts

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