Adult Merchant Services

Adult/XXX is a high-risk storefront that will require you to find a merchant processor who handles high-risk credit card transactions. If you are over the age of eighteen, you can purchase pornography and sex toys or call phone sex lines for telephone erotic entertainment. The problem with this regulation is that it is easy for younger teens to get hold of pornographic videos simply by lying about their age and sneaking their parent’s credit card. Only a few countries have strict rulings in place to prevent adult material from getting into minors’ hands. Germany is perhaps the strictest because they require those who are interested in adult material to go to their local post office with a photo identification card and then fill out an application that is used to order these products or videos. In the United Kingdom, purchases of this nature must be made by a credit card that is only accessible to those who are eighteen or older. This has not stopped minors from fraudulently using their parents’ credit cards. Fortunately PsBill Approves Adult Websites, Phone Sex Operators, Adult Retail Novelty Stores, Adult Dating and Escort Agencies too!

Why High Risk

This is why adult only stores and websites, and phone sex companies are considered high-risk. The possibility of a charge back occurring is extremely high, especially as a parent receives his or her credit card bill and starts finding the fraudulent transactions. Companies hit with charge backs are more likely to lose their capability for accepting credit card transactions. This can cripple a business in today’s world where 98% of the population is using credit or debit cards for their purchases.

Escort Agency Billing Services

We will get your adult companion service setup to process credit cards. We offer a variety of options including a virtual terminal setup or our new iPhone and Android swiping credit card processing services. If you are seeking a low rate escort friendly merchant service provider, look no further! Our sales and setup process is simple and straight forward. If your account has been frozen, denied, declined or cancelled by another credit card processor and are seeking an alternative solution we are here to help! Call us and speak to a merchant consultant who can assist you with getting an escort merchant account up and running as quickly as possible. Both domestic and offshore solutions available!

Phone Entertainment Services

Our service is ideal for phone sex operators and entertainment companies. Both independent operators, erotic sex entertainment companies can enjoy secure hassle free merchant services. If you have been turned down by other service providers and are looking for a "phone sex friendly" payment processor, this is where we come in. We offer high approval rates and easy to use recurring billing, invoicing, and virtual terminal services. If you are new to the indstry or are established with processing history we can offer you a reliable payment merchant service for your adult phone sex service.

Retail Vs Online

It is easy for a physical adult store employee to check the age of a customer who wants to purchase or rent this kind of material. It can be a store policy that a photo id is required at time of purchase or if a video rental occurs. This makes it incredibly easy to prevent fraudulent transactions, but not everyone wants to be seen entering an adult-only store. Shoppers are far more likely to purchase their adult content online. This leads to a new situation—how do you prove a customer is legally of age? With most online stores, the customer is simply asked to enter his or her birth date including the year. The problem with this system is that any teen with some intelligence can easily fake this information. On top of this, there are some adult retailers who are starting to accept alternate payment methods like Paypal, debit cards, and electronic checks. There is no way to prove a person’s age using these systems. Click here for more information on adult dating merchant accounts. If you are setting up an adult-only website, phone sex business/operator retail store, or even dating site where people are required to be eighteen, you should have a disclaimer that all clients must read and then check that they have read and understood the rules about being of legal age. This can help protect you from lawsuits and charge backs in case a customer is dishonest about his or her age. One of the biggest problems facing adult companies is that they vow to be discreet at all times and often this means creating a pseudonym for their company’s name when mailing packages and credit card charges that can make it hard to first track down exactly what a credit card charge was for without requiring additional research into the company’s real name. In the end, the business transactions are risky and even customers who made legitimate purchases might not recognize the name on the transaction leading to mistaken charge backs.

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