Merchant Services for Credit Repair Service

Starting a credit repair business can be profitable, but there are many fraudulent companies out there who have cast businesses of this nature in a bad light. These shysters take a customer’s money and then disappear. You should be aware that it could be impossible for a newly formed start-up company to find suitable merchant processing service because debt restoration, loan processing and credit repair are high-risk businesses. If you really want to get into this business, you should have some money set aside to help you get started. You also need to thoroughly investigate federal and state laws covering all aspects of this self-employment venture. Its very important for all merchants to read and understand to provide federal and state approved legal services to consumers. Due to the nature of your business model banks are very reluctant to accept and be willing to underwrite your business. Taking credit cards especially online though is an important key to your success. Most of your customers and revenue probably comes from accepting credit cards over the phone through your call center operation or through your business website. So it is a vital tool, the most important aspect of your business. Unfortunately the industry has had some problems with chargebacks and disputes with customers. Even if you are a high-volume business and bring in a lot of fees to the merchant processing bank, it is still difficult to find a merchant account for a credit repair company. Fortunately, We approve Credit Restoration companies.


Most banks will list these type of companies on their prohibited lists and will decline or deny your business type. Fortunately PSBill is able to accept and underwrite and provide credit card processing services for your specific business model. Walk into your local bank and request credit card processing for a "credit repair company" and unfortunately they will politely deny your application and show you the nearest exit door. We work with dozens of banks both domestic and international that are classified as high risk merchant solutions. These companies and providers have underwriters that our understanding of your business model and routinely approve your business site. Credit Repair covers a wide range of potential services, these can include disputing issues on a credit report. Filing requests and complaints on behalf of your client to the debt reporting agencies. New companies in this field without any history will have a more difficult time getting approved. Fortunately we do accept and approve credit repair services. Merchant rates for these type of companies will vary from merchant to merchant but generally speaking should be in the 2.5-4% range. Credit restoration services that are tele-marketing may expect to pay the highest rates as the customers they are calling already have poor credit problem to begin with. Also like mentioned before the industry itself can have chargeback issues where the customer doesn't feel the product or service was delivered as expected or they just don't remember what the charges are for.


A credit restoration business will probably pay discount transaction rates in the 2 to 4% range, and even potentially higher especially if it is a new business with no processing history. An establish business will have processing statements available and will have the upper hand in negotiating lower rates and fees. So if you have been processing for a while and just shopping around the lower rates you will probably going to get them in your chargebacks are low.

Application Process

Applying for a merchant account is a relatively straightforward and easy process. If your credit score is good you'll likely have an easy time getting approved. If your credit scores is poor, we can still get you approved but it may require additional documentation. If you are currently processing new merchant processor will want to see 3 to 6 months of statements from your current provider. You may also need to provide business banking statements that show you can handle potential chargebacks. To apply and get the process started simply call us or fill out our application form online and we will follow with you quickly to get the process started and completed and get you approved.

Approval Process

Do not be surprised if it takes months to find credit card processing services for your new business venture. There are very few merchant processors who take on credit repair company accounts. We do! Click Here to Apply Now! You should hear a reponse from us within 1-2 business days. With the high demand and short supply, it isn’t easy to find reasonable rates or even services that cover your needs. As long as you are ready to do some searching and invest many hours proving you are genuine, you will eventually find a plan that benefits both you and your clientele.

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